Monday, 24 October 2016

After all the excitement

Holy Island for Stewart and I this morning, weather conditions were still very good but it had been quiet, relatively of course, during the few days previous.

This ended up a pleasant stroll with a few nice birds but when you have a wind that is still from the east you never know.

We got on the island just before daylight and as the tide was due to close the causeway. Quick cup of tea in the half light by the car and then off we headed along the west shore towards the Vicarage, Priory and The Heughs. Lovely views of St Cuthberts Island in the morning sun and of the tightly packed waders moving around with the rising tide. Hundreds of Bar Tailed Godwit and Grey Plover all calling as they lifted and flew up, amazing.
Goldeneye and a few Red Breasted Merganser the only birds on the water.

Past the Vicars Garden, Goldcrest, Fieldfare, Redwing, Chiff Chaff and Goldfinch. 

Over The Heughs, past the Priory and down to the harbour. Following the coast around past Lindisfarne Castle.

Lindisfarne Castle
We followed the east coast for a while and then headed back towards the village down the Crooked Lonnen, a Peregrine was hunting the fields here, lifting the large numbers of Golden Plover and Lapwing into panicky swirling masses, a Merlin was seen mobbing the Peregrine but not by me..sadly

Looking back from the east shore

Track of The Day, an iconic one, Crooked Lonnen
Walked Crooked Lonnen, Straight Lonnen and back around to where the car was parked at Chare Ends. We stopped briefly on the causeway to view closer waders as the never ending stream of traffic poured onto the Island now that the tide has exposed the causeway again.

Straight Lonnen

Causeway waders

Sunday, 23 October 2016

One of three

The discovery of a Siberian Accentor on Holy Island had me all fired up, I had been to East Yorkshire, had some wonderful views and taken some dreadful photographs of the bird there but when one was discovered in Northumberland I thought I'd really like to see this in my home county. There would possibly be an opportunity to get some nicer photographs too. I checked in at work and was given the all clear to head to Lindisfarne. 

Reported on Holy Island were, Isabelline Wheatear, Isabelline Shrike and Siberian Accentor, what an hour or two I could have here. It didn't quite work out, Isabelline Wheatear the only bird of the three I saw, what a fabulous bird though, I'm well pleased.