Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Decadent Detchant

A wander through Detchant Woods on Sunday. Really warm and sunny, shirt sleeves and cameras. Butterflies didn't dissapoint, Meadow Brown, Small Skipper, Speckled Wood, Peacock, GreenVeined White, Common Blue and Small Copper. Common Hawker and Common Blue Damselfly also seen but much to difficult to photograph.

Speckled Wood, the first butterflies we saw.

Track of the day, fabulous little track this

Common Blues

Small Skipper

I'm no Saint but there is Room for Rutters Way I reckon

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pastures Old

Day off today. I decided to check out an area I'd spotted during an evening walk last week through The Pastures on the outskirts of Alnwick.

The Pastures is an area grazed by cattle on the slopes leading away from Alnwick Castle and the River Aln, this area is grazed by cattle but a damp and rough area near to the bridge over the river that takes you to Denwick I'd noticed seemed to be quite a good looking wildflower meadow.

I really need to be better with wild plants, I'm no good at all at identifying what I'm looking at. This didn't stop me enjoying them though. Spear, Creeping and Marsh Thistles. Common Spotted and Northern Marsh Orchids. Rough Hawkbit I think I managed to identify.

It was a really warm morning and the sun eventually stayed out for a sustained period. Butterflies began to show, Meadow Brown at first, only one or two of this species. Slowly I started to notice the odd Ringlet, within 15 minitues or so I was surrounded by these lovely little butterflies. They were flying low in and out of the tall grasses nettles and thistles, lovely to watch, one would dissapear and then another would fly into view. They would rarely land so it was difficult to get decent photographs.

Ringlets, all a similar pose I'm afraid.

Peacock caterpillars on nettles
Ringlet Habitat
One of those occasions when a couple of hours could have easily lead into a full day, a rough edge of pasture, habitat, right on the doorstep, the best kind...