Monday, 5 January 2015


I dont keep a 'list'. Garden, Year, patch or even life. Oh I've tried, many times, usually at this time of year to be honest.
I've never liked the competetive feeling this type of thing brings about so I've never bothered. Lately though I've been discussing it. The thing I do like is patch birding, or patch watching and recording what a patch can turn up.

This year I'm intending to watch a patch, nothing new about that, I do this but I do it sort of off and on and never really feel I've satisfactorily observed for a full year.
I've decided to keep a list this year, (like many, if not all, years previously) of birds for a start, on 'my' patch. I think the fact I'm keeping a list will mean that I will make a point of thinking about the area each month and therefore visiting and recording.
Thats the plan anyway, hardly a new concept for proper birders and recorders but lets see if I can keep this up for 12 months.
Rutters Way this year will be The Coquet Estuary, from The Harbour north to Birling Carrs with the main A1068 the western boundary.

Looking north from Warkworth Picnic Site to Birling
Old Water Pools

Track of the Day, between shore and dunes walking north

I've had two decent visits this month and 43 species were recored on the 1st, today I have been out and my total for the year is now 58. Kingfisher and Little Egret the highlights although I did punch the air when I got my eye on my first Dunnock and quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking.


Really sad sight, dead Whooper Swan