Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Last look out

Final wander of the year around the Coquet Estuary. Met up with Stewart in The Braid car park and spent the morning around here, Amble Harbour and had a walk up the river to Warkworth.

Not a bad morning; as the morning lightened a Little Egret lifted from The Gut, circled and dropped back in, as they seem to do when you surprise them feeding in this area. 
We noticed Collared Doves heading north over The Braid into Amble and started to keep a tally, 55+ counted leaving the trees around the car park where they had been roosting.

We headed to Amble Harbour after a cup of tea and some Christmas chocolate. Groups of Pink Footed Geese were drifting south and a small flock of Golden Plover were wheeling over the estuary with a Peregrine in attendance, it had obviously stooped on the waders and failed so drifted off towards Coquet Island.

The resident Mediterranean Gull was on its usual rock off the Little Shore. A walk around the pier and Cliff House was interesting with Turnstone, Purple Sandpiper, Rock Pipit and Knot seen.


Eiders cant be resisted in Amble harbour when you have a camera and some sunlight.

Back to the car we decided to fill the last of the morning by walking up the river towards Warkworth. The tide was rising by this time and waders were being pushed close to shore, we had noticed a couple of Black Tailed Godwit earlier in the morning but some were now close enough to attempt photographs. Excellent call heard as they fed and squabbled. 

Black Tailed Godwits
Thats it really, fine male Red Breasted Merganser and same Goldeneye were both seen on my way home just a little further up stream...

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