Monday, 13 July 2015

Bordered, Borders and Blackadder

A trip into the borders for butterflies. Sort of planned, researched, by Stewart if I'm fair, still we were sort of half guessing when we arrived.
We were definitely parked at the right place, Gordon Moss,  but navigating through the habitat to the right areas gave us the runaround a little but we got there in the end. Very enjoyable it was too...

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Small Heath
Small Heath, I love these butterflies

Unidentified Hover Fly, Volucella bombulans.. I think
Gordon Moss, habitat found
On to Burnmouth next, we thought the weather would be clouding over but headed for the coast anyway, via a stop for food of course.
At Burnmouth we must have had up to 12 Northern Brown Argus, photographs may not be that good but what an hour or so we had watching these fabulous little insects.. 


Northern Brown Argus
Common Blue
Not looking forward to winter...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I'm now starting to get fed up with this myself... never mind, today I have a chance to try Canon 400 f5.6. Alan Gilbertson has very kindly allowed me to have his lens for a few days.

Still don't know what to spend my money on, so much to ponder..

A few more..