Monday, 24 February 2014

Ready settings go..

Oh I dont know.
It is frustrating working so many weekends, day off today though and out with Stewart. Where to go and what to do?.
A nice mild and dry day, fairly bright but breezy and still early in the year. Snowdrops in full flower but we are a little short of full springtime just yet.
Stewart has an itch that needs scratching and I was only to pleased to help. We headed for Beadnell and Seahouses with a borrowed lens from the very helpful Gary Woodburn and started snapping, discussing, adjusting settings and comparing images.
Seahouses Harbour was the main focus (pardon the pun) of our efforts. A very interesting and enjoyable couple of hours was spent enjoying , amongst others, one of Northumberlands very special birds. The Eider.

Seahouses Harbour

Herring Gull 


Goldeneye in harbour mouth


Collared Dove
My photographs were taken with my bridge camera of course, thought I needed a disclaimer in there..Collared Doves were taken as we walked down the edge of Quarry Field on the southern side of Seahouses adjacent to the Golf Course.